Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo App Reviews

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This app is amazing and whenever I want a little touch up on my pictures, this app never lets me down!


this app is great for editing your picutes, but the ads always pop up right when you start editing, and the set-up is confusing, overall it is a god app, but also quite annoying.

This app ROCKS!!!

Who needs to diet and pose funny when this app can make u look as skinny as u want? And its free!!!


Amazing app! Just wish i could get rid of the number constanty on the icon.


I love this app, I can trick people into thinking Im super skinny!

love it

it works really well and is very helpful !!

Still trying it out

I happen to just search for such app not thinking it actually excess. Looking at the reviews I figure I give a try. Didnt actually did what I wanted but then it wont be the true thing. It made me look a little skinner but didnt do anything about the "rolls" or slight "muffin rolls". Probably need a little more improvements but its good for now. Ill continue to use it for the little adjustments here and there.

Good app

Only issue is that its constantly showing a notification


this app is a go-to when you want to shed off a few pounds on a picture of yourself! however, the more you edit, the blurrier your picture will get. so just be sure to mess around with the app before posting something that might look too fake.

The best

I love it!!!

I love it!

The photoshop effects look so natural great app!!

Pretty good

Pretty good

I LOVE this app!

Totally inlove with the effects

Awesome :)

Nice app. I like it!! Easy to use.


I absolutely love this app. Anytime I take a picture,I always edit it on here. It also makes your body look realistic, instead of fake looking.. I suggest this app!!


No tutorial nor is there anyway to know what the save button is. A waste


Absolutely love it!

Very Helpful , Easy editor application

If you have little pounds on you this application will help you get Second Solution....

Love it!

Easy to use and effective

Love it.

I use this app for all my photos and its the best editing app.

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