Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo App Reviews

89 add

Love it!

Easy to use and effective

Pretty good

Pretty good

Good app

Only issue is that its constantly showing a notification


I love it! this app is my life saver!


I look forward to using this app after taking pictures on my phone!! Its so easy to use and there is absolutely no distortion to the image (I zoomed in and checked) so I can use it and share photos knowing that no one will no my beauty secret


Anybody who downloaded this app you dont need to edit yourself your beautiful just the way you are

Great. But ALOT OF ADS

Ease up on the ads, but overall great app!


DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! This app tried to hack my phone and all of my passwords to everything. I spent 3 days trying to reset my iTunes password after downloading this app.

Get it, you wont regret

Very easy to use

Super easy to use and you cant even tell that its edited!

Loveeeee this app

Love it.

I use this app for all my photos and its the best editing app.

Very Helpful , Easy editor application

If you have little pounds on you this application will help you get Second Solution....


Absolutely love it!


No tutorial nor is there anyway to know what the save button is. A waste


I absolutely love this app. Anytime I take a picture,I always edit it on here. It also makes your body look realistic, instead of fake looking.. I suggest this app!!

Awesome :)

Nice app. I like it!! Easy to use.

I LOVE this app!

Totally inlove with the effects

I love it!

The photoshop effects look so natural great app!!

The best

I love it!!!


this app is a go-to when you want to shed off a few pounds on a picture of yourself! however, the more you edit, the blurrier your picture will get. so just be sure to mess around with the app before posting something that might look too fake.

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